School vision


Creating a community of learners focused on Excellence, Respect and Integrity.

We are committed to providing learning in a safe and caring environment that nurtures each child’s specific abilities and interests.  Each unique individual will be encouraged to develop a pride of place and self, while respecting and absorbing the world around them.

Our dedicated staff seek continuous improvement, and will constantly strive to make learning an enjoyable experience while achieving excellence by setting high standards and expectations for all who work and learn there.

Our first class educators and support staff will deliver deep learning and high quality inclusive programs that encompass critical and creative thinking skills to engage children and facilitate learning. All children will be actively and simultaneously engaged to develop the capacity to work independently as well as positively interact and learn with and from others.

Being a part of learning communities children will actively engage with the learning process, develop a positive attitude to school and teachers and feel confident in their self and their own abilities.


Our beliefs inform how we work together as a learning community.

We believe that:

  • Every child is capable of successful learning.
  • Self-discipline and working and learning with and from others develops a desire to learn and positive self-esteem.
  • Families and community members are essential partners to enrich learning and engage children with authentic experiences.
  • Cultural diversity and inclusive education strengthens our learning and sense of community.