Our School

Golden Bay Primary School embraces diversity and supports the development of individual talents and interests in developing the whole child. Our exceptional staff proactively engage children in critical and creative thinking and respond to preferred learning styles as part of curriculum delivery. We celebrate uniqueness, and foster a healthy approach to learning that caters to your child’s individual character.

Our school is built upon a rich history within a unified community with a commitment to caring for our local environment. We support children immersing themselves within their local surrounds, and learning how to be receptive to, and considerate of their natural surroundings.

At Golden Bay Primary School we support and encourage children to be positive member of our school and community. We are a school that embraces positive behaviour support by providing explicit and intentional teaching and learning in this area of the curriculum.

Our goal is to provide each child with a vibrant schooling atmosphere every day. With access to a breadth of facilities and cutting edge resources, students will be immersed in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and inspiring, with first class learning opportunities at their fingertips.

We recognise that parents are by far the most important influence on a child’s life. Our school encourages true parent and community partnerships and engagement to support each child’s personal, social and academic development. We seek to establish opportunities where this mutual commitment can flourish.

As a proudly Independent Public School, Golden Bay Primary selects and appoints first-class educators and support staff to deliver high quality programs for all children to reach their potential and achieve their personal best.

We are committed to providing a hub of learning that is safe, caring and nurturing of each child and their specific abilities and interests. Each unique individual will be encouraged to develop a pride of place and self, while respecting and absorbing the world around them.

Our school caters for students in Kindergarten to Year 6, opening in 2015 as a state of the art facility in the growing beach side suburb of Golden Bay.

This truly inclusive school promotes the learning needs and interests of students while reflecting the values and aspirations of the local community.