School Hours and Attendance


School Commences                                     8.40am

Lunch Eating                                                10.50am – 11.00am

Lunch Break                                                 11.00 – 11.30 am

Afternoon Recess                                        1.30pm – 1.45pm

End of School Day                                        2.45pm

To ensure the safety of children at all times, parents are asked that children not arrive at school prior to 8.20am. Students need to arrive at school in time to organise their personal belongings prior to the start of school. This will ensure a positive and smooth start to the school day.

All children not involved in after school activities are expected to leave the school grounds by 2.45pm unless special arrangements have been made by parents or teachers. If you are running late to collect your child please advise the school office (9583 8800) and we will make sure your message is conveyed to your child/children before the end of the school day.


OSHClub will provide before and after school care for students in K – Year 6 on the Golden Bay Primary School site from the beginning of the school year.

You can register for this service at:


The School Education Act 1999 requires children of compulsory school age Pre-primary – Year 6 to attend school. When a child is unable to attend, legislation requires that parents/caregivers forward written notification providing a reasonable cause for the absence of their child. We encourage you to notify us on the morning of the absence by phoning the school. At this time we will note the absence on our system.

When notification is not received within three days of the original day’s absence, the class teacher may send a letter requesting an explanation.


If the school has not received written or phone notification that your child is absent by 10.00am you will receive a text message from the school, reminding you to let the school know the reason for the absence.


Parents or caregivers collecting children prior to the end of the school day are required to complete a Leave Pass at the Administration Office before going to the classrooms.