Our school library at Golden Bay Primary School is a place to learn and nurture your imagination.

Our fiction section is growing weekly and incorporates a range of books for all readers.  We have picture books for young readers as well as picture books created for more mature readers.  Our range of novels include short chapter books for those readers ready to delve into the world of text and extends to more advanced fiction for readers able to deal with more complex story lines and ideas.

Our non-fiction collection holds books to support the learning and interests of the kids.  Books can found on cooking and craft as well as sport, music, art and inspirational young leaders.   Our teachers regularly request themes to build our collection of non-fiction texts to align with the curriculum they are teaching in classrooms.  

A priority in setting up our library was to establish a healthy collection of science and arts reference books.  Students can borrow these books at any time to develop their interests and talents. 

There is a large collection of teachers books and resources to enable the very best learning experiences for our kids in the classrooms.  This includes unseen book sets for use in reading lessons, and assessment.  We have shelves of mathematics equipment to promote a deep understanding of mathematical content and a full range of science experiment kits to enable students to learn about the world in which we live.


Our school technology tools are also a part of the library collection with an interactive whiteboard mounted on the wall to enable learning from the classroom to be continued in the library.  We have a large collection of iPads, loaded with researched apps that teachers borrow to enhance the classroom learning experience. 


The Book Fair visits the library throughout the year to assist us in building our collection of books as well as providing an opportunity for students to build their personal home libraries.  Book Club also runs in the library once a week to allow students to challenge each other’s interpretation of a text, and share the pleasure of reading.


Parents as volunteers are always welcome in the library.   Help is always appreciated with things like re-shelving returned books and assisting in the covering and accessioning of books that we are continuously adding to our collection.  Just pop in and see Cid our Library Officer about when you can lend a hand.