Instrumental Music and Choir Programs


Golden Bay Primary School has a qualified level 8 singing teacher and two other staff members who provide weekly opportunities for children from years three to six to participate in choir activities.

The school choir has been invited to perform at the ANZAC service held by Comet Bay College in 2018.


At Golden Bay Primary School the music program is a key aspect of the arts based focus we are fostering in our school community. Learning music has been shown to promote creativity and critical thinking. Through the creative process of music, students strengthen their skills in understanding and evaluating information.

An emphasis is also placed on integrating the learning of music with technology to further enhance the development of digital literacy and ICT skills.

YEARS Pre-primary-2

Initially the music program enables students to discover and develop a natural love of music. Learning occurs through a range of music based games and activities as well as rich musical topics. The playing of basic tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments serve to increase student awareness and understanding of simple melodic and rhythmic patterns found in various short simple songs.


Expanding on existing concepts, students are introduced to more formalised musical literacy. Music. Emphasis is placed on each student experiencing the success, confidence and enjoyment when producing music vocally and instrumentally. This is developed through introducing students to a range of purposely built diatonic instruments including xylophones, marimbas and a variety of other tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments on which they learn, rehearse and perform musical items in ensemble.


Bandwagon offers a specialised music subject for students in years three to six. This program is designed to support students in learning and practising a formal musical instrument in a group setting.